Im primarily an iOS developer based in the south-west UK.

Ive been doing iOS for 12 years. During that time Ive had the pleasure to work on some major apps for recognised companies, and much of my work is in Medical and Finance sectors.

Prior to that I worked in videogames for 12 years, working on a wide variety of projects such as console driving games and MMO games.

I'm a really experienced coder, these days specialising in Swift, SwiftUI and all things iOS. I've also recently developed an appreciation for Dart and Flutter. In previous lives Ive worked with allsorts of languages, from Basic as a child, through Pascal, C and C++, through bits of just about everything else.

I have broader experience than software development too. Ive worked in and managed bars and restaurants, Ive done a fair bit of building work (I had a career break in Spain), Ive done sound design, music composition and music instrument tuition too.

Heres some of the apps Ive worked on after the past 10 years:

Developed a brand new app for uMotif, used for tracking patient health during medical trials. Also almost entirely SwiftUI.

Helped create the app for the Bloomlife pregnancy monitoring tool - developed with pure SwiftUI.

Created a brand new banking app for Nationwide Bank, and did maintainance work on their live app, with over a million daily users.

Created the app for Sensium, used to monitor the health of criticial care patients in hospitals worldwide, and proven to save lives.

Developed an app for Legalzoom that allows you to quickly and easily create a will.

Developed several new apps for Vistair Systems, used by groundcrew for many major airlines worldwide.