Yard Trail App: Work Updates

Luke, week ending 20th May 2022

  • Previous iOS native version of the app, Guides, has been resurrected and is working again
  • Use of Firebase in Guides has been analysed and is being prepared to be added to the new Flutter app

Luke, week ending 13th May 2022

Sign In Working
  • Ive completed Firebase integration for the backend.
  • App now has an Auth section where you can log in / register, using email, or google sign in

Luke, Week ending Friday 15 Apr 2022

  • A test app has been created and tested locally showing an onboarding section, and a main map page
  • A second test app has been created to test and implement Firebase backend integration
  • Deployment is being undertaken to prove pipeline from local code to a working app on both Apple and Android stores.
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